The Importance of Goal line technology GLT


What happens during a football match when it is uncertain if the whole of the ball crossed the goal line? In previous years, in scenarios such as that, it would be up to the discretion of the assistant referee to determine if a goal has been scored. The dynamic nature of the modern game has demanded that technology become as of great importance as the necessary equipment for a game to be contested.


Originally, even after its trial period, FIFA was reluctant to introduce Goal-Line Technology (GLT) as an international benchmark playing requirement. However, due to its proven success and necessity, increasingly in recent years, the football world governing body has decided to institute GLT.


Famous incidents of controversy surrounding uncertain goals have become quite frequent especially regarding a team’s progression to the next stage of a given competition. One such example includes the FIFA 2010 World Cup round of 16 match between England and Germany where, clear to the players and spectators was a goal scored by Frank Lampard to square the score going into half-time.



TV replay showed the whole of the ball crossing the line, the German goalkeeper wasted no time in palming the ball back out of the goal area. The goal was never given, England were eliminated. The game had been highly competitive and two-sided until then. Several national football leagues have institutionalized GLT and benefited from immediate success regarding its utilization. Took FIFA long enough, but better late than never.


Written and Copyright by Javaughn O. Smith @ApplythePeppa 2013.


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