Oppression + Tax

On July 4, 2015, the Government of Jamaica, commemorated the aniversary of National Hero Norman Washington Manley. The Opposition Spokesperson on Finance quoted the Right Excellent Manley as saying: “We achieved political independence for Jamaica. It is the duty of the political generation succeeding us to achieve economic independence.” Infrastructurally, the nation is still in a pre-independent state of being. Jamaica’s professional potency, especially internationally, has been encapsulated solely into Tourism and Hospitality Management. Aside from that, our youth have been nurtured and cultured into aspiring for traditional careers such as: business administration, actural science and law to name a few.


Jamaicans toiling within nose distance of daily health risks have only recently been compensated accordingly with the mandatory health benefits certain firms and industries guarantee. Recently removed NSWMA chair Jennifer Edwards possesses the mind responsibile for instituting and enforcing the forementioned to her underlining employees. Already working for little to nothing, the sanitation engineers had no access to dental, general health, insurance or pension schemes. Early into the fiscal year the Government of Jamaica rejected a double-digit proposal from unionized public-sector workers and pushed forward a 5% increase on the table. The Government of Jamaica also requested an extension on the elongated (2014-6) public-sector wage freeze for years 2015-17.




Obviously with more than tight budgetary constraints, the country’s money has to be invested and utilized sky level efficiently to sign off the nation’s debt. The penned IMF agreement of consecutive loan installments stipulates such inconvenient negotiations and all the tax and tariff increases which have been born since. In the event an IMF revenue target is missed, even narrowly, further miserly public financial acts will ensue. On the contrary, the Government of Jamaica has had its fits of illogical blindfolded spending after announcing bordering bankruptcy. On its quest for 1st World Status, apart from table-flipping Economic Reform, Jamaica’s recycling, sanitation management, reef protection, public transportation and education systems must undergo vast rebranding and resuscitation.


In my opinion, progression from 3rd World to 1st World Status is nowhere near gradual, especially annually, to have a photo-finish with January 2030. With an aging population experiencing double-digit unemployment figures and high population concentrations in urban and suburban areas, significant infrastructural development and repairs must take place. Technology has blanketed the globe and with an unpredictable global economic climate, Jamaica needs to tap into unexplored industrial territory. Train specialized professionals capable of meeting global industrial demands. Besides her natural resources and artificial manufactures capable of keeping Jamaica afloat, diversified human resource is the next best life-jacket. Jamaica is much more than just a vacation spot full of lively warmhearted people, as virally advertised.

Written and Copyright by Javaughn O. Smith @ApplythePeppa 2013.


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