Review of “Ex Machina” (Spoiler Discussion Below Review)

Robert Keaton Maxwell

There was Chappie last week. Then there was Ex Machina yesterday. Then there is Avengers: Age of Ultron on Thursday. The artificial intelligence damning humanity plot-line is pretty popular these days, it seems. ex-machina-poster

Here’s the thing: out of those three movies I listed, Ex Machina’s probably going to be the best one. It is good, really good, and keeps getting better in my head the more I think about it. Not that it’s revolutionary or anything, but just because it’s done really well and knows what it wants to be right down to every single word of the screenplay.

Without spoiling anything yet, as there is a LOT to spoil, the movie really only stars four characters, only three of which have speaking roles. So, in short, this entire project hinged on them being great. And, well, they were. They were phenomenal, all three of them. Oscar Isaac and Alicia…

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