The Many Uses of Beautiful Bamboo: A New Jamaican Training Program

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When I was living in Japan, many moons ago, I discovered bamboo. On walks in the mountains outside Tokyo, bamboo groves arched across the path, graceful and tall. Then I began to notice how much the Japanese incorporate this tree into many aspects of everyday life. You could buy almost any household item made from bamboo: baskets, of course; furniture of all kinds; kitchen implements; and of course, entire houses and parts of houses. We sat on bamboo benches outside, had bamboo mats and bamboo window blinds inside (none of these things were expensive – there was plenty of material). I was also amazed to see bamboo scaffolding on buildings under construction! This wood is incredibly strong. Nowadays, you can even buy rather beautiful bamboo computer mouses (mice?) and keyboards!

Music speakers made of bamboo. Music speakers made of bamboo.

In Jamaica, the non-native bamboo (bamboo vulgaris) is seen as an invasive species. It spreads…

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