Do We Ever Think About Where the Waste Goes? Tourism Action Clubs Have Some Answers

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The Tourism Enhancement Fund continues to provide tremendous support for the Jamaica Environment Trust’s (JET) campaign to make Jamaicans more aware of the damaging effects of careless solid waste disposal on our environment…and on the environment our visitors see. Recently, Tourism Action Clubs across the island participated in a special research day to track where our waste ends up when we dispose of it thoughtlessly. The results were impressive; moreover, club members took the “action” part of their mandate seriously and organized cleanups in their respective communities. Well done to the students and teachers involved.

JET’s CEO Diana McCaulay reminded us that gullies (which is where much of our waste ends up) are not “self-cleaning.” When it rains, the garbage is just shifted somewhere else. We all have a personal responsibility to keep our environment clean, with the help and support of the Government. And on that note, she added, “Big…

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