NFL JAMAICA? NO? Then how about more Franchise Sport?


       Caribbean and Jamaican Sporting Administrations have obviously come to the realization of the revenue generating potential of the booming business of franchise sport; Thus recently organizing and benefiting from several regional franchise competitions across several sporting disciplines. Franchise sport enables for marketability, betting arrangements, broadcast coverage which leads to exposure and heavy commercialization. The American National Football League is one of the most marketable leagues in the sporting industry. It is a risky multi-million dollar business in which newly drafted players can earn up to double-digit millis in the first year alone. Athletic equipment, motor vehicle endorsements and advertisement deals can range up in the millions as well, added to that are the millions SuperBowl commercials generate. Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball League (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) in the USA are examples of decade old successes concerning franchise sport. Another example exists in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which may be recorded as the defining pioneer in franchise cricket.
        Most, if not all Jamaican governing bodies of sport are headquartered in either city, with Kingston experiencing a greater influx of those numbers. Apart from those, provincial sporting associations have been set up in each parish to oversee the smooth facilitation and regularization of those sports. In recent months, quite a few of our island wide sporting administrations have had chairpersons abdicating, retiring, resigning or being asked to leave. Henceforth an obvious disunity in the way parish and islandwide sporting endeavours and affairs are being handled. Other committee members might have voiced lack of confidence in their leaders or leaders have expressed a lack of maintenance expenditure as a reason for leaving.
        Grassroots and professional athletes in Jamaica already suffer from a limited amount of sub-standard sporting and training facilities, then there is the issue of meagre team spending power especially during international callup. The item of traditional versus non-traditional sports forces us to revisit it as there exists a severe conflict due to a drought in resources. More popular sporting disciplines are prioritized, ignoring extremely talented athletes unable to fund themselves in less popular forms of athletics; leaving no way for consideration of modified and modern sport. The unavailability of an optimal level of resources is directly proportional to the unavailability of the desired exceptional performances. Laying elephant-like weights on the shoulders of our resilient athletic stars.
       Very generous sports enthusiasts penned a deal to usher Jamaicans into the World of Baseball with a brand new Baseball Diamond to be established on the G.C. Foster  College Campus in St. Catherine. Nationwide Baseball complexes in the United States attract thousands of patrons week in, week out and expect a full house on the weekends especially. Construction of this and more Diamonds, more Rugby fields, more football fields pave the way for much more mastery and mastermindedness about how Jamaica is internationally represented in regional and global sport. In North America especially certain sports, held dear-to-heart, are seen as purely soothers, problem solutions and leisure but still proceeding with the highest competitive regard. Such efforts to revolutionize sport and oppose sporting encapsulation in Jamaica are well overdue and are essential in lighting the path for the future.


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