Is Vision 2030, A realistic Dream or just Wishful Thinking?

            The act of giving voluntary services to the enrichment and enhancement of one’s community is substantially important in ensuring that a robust self-sufficient group of people living in an area can clean-up after themselves. They can observe the highest quality of living standards especially where sanitary, monetary and educational necessities are concerned. This can be achieved through their own small acts of community service, vital to man’s survival.
            Vision 2030 outlined as its mantra, to make Jamaica, by that year onward, one of the most suitable, ideal, comfortable and safe locations in the world to do business, work, build homes and raise families. Of the four goals outlined, I perceive that to raise families in communities free of fear from intruders at night, free of violence and senseless destruction it requires the collective and co-operative efforts of residents of a community, people of the nation. Wherever one’s humble abode lies shouldn’t he guarantee along with his neighbour, comfort and peace of mind in an area which he/she shares? Isn’t it all our responsibility to ensure a healthy environment to cushion the development of our children and their children’s children? Who will do it for us if we don’t embrace the responsibility ourselves? We shall not sit idly by while the land is ran amuck by vicious vandals.
            Therefore, we all have been called up to enforce and build towards the safety of our offspring. In places where there is open play, the perimeter should be barricaded, fenced and gated from external breeches which can impact their health and security. Pedestrian crossings should be marked on every major thoroughfare, junction and street. Traffic wardens also need to be in position to monitor the speed of motorists and aid in secure crossing, especially for children. Another goal directly linked to volunteerism is where making Jamaica an ideal spot to do business is concerned. For decades, criminal elements have plagued the country’s main hubs for trade and commerce, especially the locations for earning foreign exchange. These areas have also had to have constant refurbishment because of the manner in which inhabitants litter, damage and pollute the soil, the air and the bodies of water flowing through hills and valleys into streams, catchment areas and into other connected water masses. No man would want to conduct monetary transactions and exchange currency in an area which is displeasing and unsanitary to them. That is why it is the responsibility of naturals of this land to maintain an attractable and enticing surrounding which we may all claim with metallic pride.




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