‘Coinye West’ – A Bitcoin Competitor Based on Kanye West – Now Exists

WZMX Hot 93.7

By Scott T. Sterling

Move over, Bitcoin. Get ready for some new competition, and it’s based on none less than rap icon/media lightning rod, Kanye West.

With Bitcoin leading the current digital currency revolution (where “money” is mined via complex math equations), other similar “cyrptocurrencies” have emerged, including Dogecoin (based on an internet meme) and Ripple. Now, there’s yet another form of digital money on the way, and this one rides on the value of the controversial Yeezus rapper.

According to Noisey, the West-based currency comes with the moniker of “Coinye West,” and is expected to launch on January 11.

“We’re really not sure how Kanye is gonna react to this,” said the founders of Coinye West, who are keeping their identities secret in case Yeezy is not a fan of their endeavor. “We hope he loves it, but if he doesn’t, he really isn’t someone…

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