Blak-Iwa TV Dia de Nia: Straight Talk – NGUZO SABA, 7 Principles of Kwanzaa

7 Principles of Kwanzaa
MGRG, Straight Talk, Straight Reasoning


Try This: Strategic Listening

The Daily Post

Our blogs are expressions of us, informed by a community. It’s part of why we write blogs instead of handwritten journals.

Listening in on other conversations before you draft and publish clarifies your thinking and inspires more post ideas. While staying on top of topics you care about might be a more obvious move for a topical blogger than a purely personal one, taking the time to listen gives any blogger a lift.

You’re probably already engaged in the larger community, and you can focus some of that engagement to benefit your blog. It’s time to try some strategic listening. With free tools to simplify it, it’s an easy way to give your blog a big boost.

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‘Rogues gallery’ goes on-line.


Embezzlement, theft, burglary, pickpocketing and begging: all these crimes and more are to be found in the records of Bath prisoners whose portraits have just been put online by Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Record Office.

This ‘rogues gallery’ of photographs was created by Bath Police between 1892 and 1922 to help them recognize known criminals and repeat-offenders in our city. Other details are given such as offenders’ age and physical appearance.

So in 1911 we find “Oliver Love: medium build, dark brown hair and moustache, successively convicted of stealing ducks & fowl; a pair of boots; an overcoat; a fowl (again); and finally an umbrella.” For each of these crimes he was sentenced to several months hard labour in prison.

Fraudsters and confidence-tricksters were also at large in Bath society until brought to book and their ‘mug-shots’ added to Police files. In 1894 Frank Albert Smith was charged…

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